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You might be a big fish
In a little pond
Doesn't mean you've won
'Cause along may come
A bigger one
And you'll be lost

Coldplay - Lost


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inspiration: outgone

your exits
5:39 PM | Sunday, April 11, 2004
.dead will walk the earth.

riight. just watched dawn of the dead last night and it was not good. it gave me weird dreams man. in the first part i was with rivermaya 'coz dear 'ol eKa told me she talked to her br0. (good for you friend) :) and i told her once na si rico blanco br0 nia. haha. stupid. XS. anyway, i was rockin with them and i actually hung out with them. totally weird. on to the 2nd part of my dream, i suddenly woke up in my dream (yeah well, you get the point) then i heard a siren coming from antipolo. so i ran down (please note that i was still in my dream. :) ) and told my family that they (the zombies) are coming. my mom even said "ok lang may baril tayo." weird thing is, i was relieved after knowing we have a gun. my brother even said "ok lang yan, parang cage naman bahay naten eh." .pakshet. everything felt real. so i forced myself to wake up and good thing i did. as i lay there in my bed i kept thinking and i don't even know why.
that was my 2nd dream about zombies walkin on earth. i watched the trailer and stupidly deamed about it. it took place sa school. and aggie was there too. she helped me fight "sir macky the zombie". hooraay for aggie! she used a fire poker by the way. hooraay again for aggie! XD.

oh well, papel. at least nanaginip na ulit ako. cge byee muna. pinapabili ako ng green peas ng kpatid ko. haha. magluluto nnman kme. wahoo!