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You might be a big fish
In a little pond
Doesn't mean you've won
'Cause along may come
A bigger one
And you'll be lost

Coldplay - Lost


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inspiration: outgone

your exits
7:35 PM | Wednesday, June 02, 2004

just watched Harry Potter 3 with Jannica. at first we decided to meet at exactly 10am so we could get tickets earlier than the others and even get good seats. we both arrived at exactly 10:15 but the thing is--hindi kami magkakitaan. bwitre. i can't text her since i've got no credits left. so, the most logical thing to do at that time while searching/waiting for her is to go get tickets.(no, not reload) the mall was fairly quiet when i arrived since it was soo early. while i was walking to the ticket counters--i.was.shocked. i wasn't expecting to see a lot of people there. there were 2 looooooooooooooong lines of people, anticipating the feel of the little piece of paper which would lead them to their most awaited movie. HELL NO was i gonna go there and join those guys. no way. i hate long lines. so i frantically searched for a reloading booth so i could tell jannica that we're gonna move to another mall. i went to jollibee knowing that they have one BuT nooo. they we're out of service. i even went to globe to by a card but noooo, they said i have to get a number first coz there's also a line (i looked behind me and there it was, a line of old people waiting to pay their bills to get it all done with.) ho hum. eventually all was lost. so i went to mcdo, with no accomplishments whatsoever and enduringly waited for jannica. *sigh* when i saw her i instantly pulled her to the exit and out the mall to the nearest jeep and off we went to the other mall where we know is a place which is not constantly visited by people. the whole time we were in the jeep, she kept on telling me that she arrived just before i did and had to go to the bathroom--the time i arrived. we were both doing the same thing and even went to the same place. movie haus, jollibee and globe. and was even told the same lines.
we arrived at the other mall 30 mins earlier of the showing time. and dig this, there were no lines. none at all. we bought tickets effortlessly and even had some spare time to buy Lunch. yummy palabok from red ribbon. we took it inside and hell did it stink. we had fun and all. btw, the movie was bloody brilliant! its just now that i've appreciated it. *bows down to Alfonso Cuaron*

after the movie we went to aggie's place to get our prom shots. we finished a whole tupperware of ice cream/fruit salad with jannica having the biggest spoon and biggest chunks. aggie, its 4 okay? not 3. love the candle. thank you aggie for your hospitality to let deranged people like us in your house. then again, ur one of us too. ho hum.. Thanks aggie and to ur sister too! you sure made us happy even if we still had to run under the rain. :p *HUGZ*

this post is turning out to be a novel.. i just felt like narrating/sharing (is it) my day. its gratifying being with the people you care for. heartwarming really. :)