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You might be a big fish
In a little pond
Doesn't mean you've won
'Cause along may come
A bigger one
And you'll be lost

Coldplay - Lost


layout: lyricaltragedy
inspiration: outgone

your exits
9:14 PM | Wednesday, June 09, 2004
Calvin and Hobbes anyone?throw in some analyst sh*t too.

went to greenbelt knina with my mom coz she had to meet up with someone at around 3pm. business talks. bleh. we got there at around 2pm and had nothing to do so we decided to go shopping. we bought (well actually my mom paid fot it--i just chose the design.:p) a polo for my dad since its almost father's day. my mom had to choose from 5 different sizes for my dad and the saleslady had to open all of them for my mom to see. we started with size 43-it was too big; then 38-too small; 41-nah; 39-oh, a bit small; then, 40-yea, it had my dad's name written all over it. the lady really did open all those in that order. shux.. the middle one's always seems to be right.
it's funny how our decisions greatly affect our lives.

Calvin and Hobbes, a cup of coffee and a squishy couch in starbucks really does the job. while waiting i found a copy of the C&H 10th anniversary edition on the starbucks racks. i miss those two (uy chums). i saw one of my favorites and i copied down on a tissue paper some of calvins realizations.
here's one. about decisions really. they're riding The wagon downhill. so just imagine them really doing it.
Calvin : Ever notice how decisions make chain reactions?
Hobbes : How so?
Calvin : Well, each decision we make determines the range of choices we'll face next.
Take this fork in the road for instance. which way should we go? arbitrarily, i choose left.
Now as a direct result of that decision we're faced with another choices: should we jump this ledge or ride along the side of it?
If we hadn't turned left, at the fork, this new choice never would have come up.
(the wagon, along with calvin & Hobbes then reaches the end of a ledge)
Hobbes : I note with some dismay you've chosen to jump the ledge.
Calvin : Right. and that decision will give us new choices.
(they're now airborne)
Hobbes : Like, should we bail out or die in the landing?
Calvin : Exactly. our first decision created a chain reaction of decisions. Let's Jump.
(now completely covered in mud)
See? you never know where you'll end up, that's an important lesson we should learn sometime.
Hobbes : I wish we could talk about things without the visual aids.
___imagine a kid really talking like that___ *shudder*

the minute we wake up we are faced with a decision--should i stay in bed and procrastinate or should i get out there and start a brand new day filled with decisions? its all part of life. part of a person's psychological cycle. decisions are what make us. sure, we made some stupid decisions at some point in our life and even vowed to not do it again--but, it's these stupid decisions that lead you to more clever ones. right now i'm deciding if i should sleep or continue on posting. i've got all the options up in my head, i just gotta choose what would seem logical. obviously, the most logical thing to do is sleep coz its late in the evening, but still, i stay awake and post, type and think. i chose the opposite one. when i wake up tomorrow, that's when i get the after-effects of my choice. eyebags, the start of an unhealthy sleeping habit, waking up late and a whole lot more. everything negative would coincide in that choice which in the end would make it a stupid decision. so that would teach me a lesson to sleep early. that's it. you'd first go through some complicated options and effects in order to realize a simple lesson. funny how life goes... just nowhere. that's why life is always said to be an incomplete puzzle, just missing one piece--the end. your place in life. where you would end up after making a whole lot of decisions. no one knows exactly where you'll go. it's all up to you in the end really. you just gotta think before you decide. and i mean think.Hard.

oooh. i'm turning into a psycho analyst. i bet you guys don't even understand a single thing i said. good. i'll just let you guys do the rest of the thinking.

what the hell was the point of me ever ranting about this?!
my rage mode is 0n ~ just felt like it.