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You might be a big fish
In a little pond
Doesn't mean you've won
'Cause along may come
A bigger one
And you'll be lost

Coldplay - Lost


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inspiration: outgone

your exits
7:59 AM | Sunday, February 13, 2005
i've been to 2 debuts in 2 consecutive nights. my eyes are drooping from the lack of sleep. i haven't been able to finish cather in the rye because my schedule is totally screwed up. but i'm starting the book report anyway.
okay. to start off....

lia's debut: 02-11-05 : it was grand. (hating the word just like Holden, but i have to use it anyway.) everyone was so dressed up and pretty. they had the party in the garden and the food was great. they showed this video about lia. starting when she was just a baby up until now. then the part came when the video showed 6 of us. qny, ingga, jay, vea, chuchay & me. we shot the 'surprise' video last week with lia's parents and tita. it was sort of an interview abut lia and what she's like in school. soo.. obviously it was an e
mbarassing moment. having a lot of old people watch you. (close-up pa.) i kept on cringing. anyway... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIA! skittles!

Det's debut: 02-12-05 : FUN! det was suuuper ganda. she had a dress same that of belle (Beauty & the Beast) and she looked really really good. tan marks and all. anyway, i was with tusix. most of the time with qny, ayesa, and kath0y. we had our table next to the food. buffet tables dude. there was this one whole room full of food and we kept on going back for 2nd and 3rd servings. we were a bit secluded because our table was a bit far but we had fun anyway. we had our own world while they were having the 18 candles & treasures. vanity to kababuyan. after that, the center was turned into a dance floor. we had so much fun even if our feet hurt. anyway, HAPPEE BIRTHDAY PRESIDENT! standing tall!

i'm eating cheese nibbles and my mind is totally blank.
i'm supposed to go out today. i'm just too lazy to move. i think i'll binge on something.
i'm craving for a pint of Haagen-Dazs Vanilla and Dulce de Leche ice cream.