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You might be a big fish
In a little pond
Doesn't mean you've won
'Cause along may come
A bigger one
And you'll be lost

Coldplay - Lost


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your exits
11:15 AM | Thursday, May 05, 2005
as if i don't harass my blog that much.....

yesterday was my sister's birthday. lets all greet her a whoopteedoo happy birthday! *clap*clap* btw, she's 22. has a job. ang rocks.

there's something stupidly wrong with our pc. the menu bar just disappears and all the other windows are gone ecxept for what i'm using right now. that's strange. i don't remember our pc having problems recently. anyhoo...

it's been a month. 4/4 4am. riiight.... nothing happened. says who...

this alzheimers stuff is really affecting my life. not to mention the frequent heart burns and my hamstrings being pulled. maybe death is just passing by. saying hello. well, hello to you too--death.

i miss my family waaay back in our province. i was talking to my couzin the other day and she told me that the whole 'tropa' is going to the beach and they're gonna stay there for a night. i miss the tropa. i'm hoping that by next year we'll be able to go there. college or not. by then, we'll all be legal. kewl. and i'll get to see my friends there. drinking sessions. ball games with roaches. river rapids. slippers ahoy. guys galore. and the list goes on.... 2 of my kid cousins are coming here this sat. together with my uncle. gawd, they'll get bored to death here. i wish i could switch places with them the time being that they're here. oh well, that's life. but i'll be going there on november to celebrate my lola's 80th bday. then i might celebrate my 18th bday there too, in b0ra, that is.

not much has happened here... i went to the museum yesterday and got my ass bored to death.

btw, i haven't gained a single pound since school ended. and i've been eating like crazy. i'm not sick or anything. i'm uber healthy. my mom just doesn't believe that my metabolism acts like crazy and muscles are all i need to gain weight. to make it shorter, mom doesn't want me to work out. so now, i do it on my own. i do laps 5 times a week. then to the minigym and work-out. then i eat and eat and eat and eat.......... McDonald's delivery everyday. :D

see the sushi's down there? they're not actually sushi. they're more like chinese rice balls with coloring. i forgot what they're called. anyway, i heard they taste good.