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You might be a big fish
In a little pond
Doesn't mean you've won
'Cause along may come
A bigger one
And you'll be lost

Coldplay - Lost


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inspiration: outgone

your exits
7:17 PM | Saturday, May 28, 2005
wHeN kIdS aTtAcK....

my cuteness cousins finally went home.
no more yaya weeks.
no more following me around.
no more 'too much' worrying.
no more high blood moments.
no more swim til you drop days.
no more leave sushi alone.
no more 'leave me alone when i'm talkin on the fone' (w/c happens every night)

and the no more list goes on....

then nostalgia comes....

i miss those kids. even if i've been rude or bitchy to them at times, they still stick to me like glue. mighty bond, more like. we have our bonding moments. taray days. kaartehan galore. they bring me back to my kiddy days. they're both girls with really different worlds. the first one is 12 and the other one is 8. but they think almost alike. we think almost alike--minus the pink world and barbie obsession. gAh.... the thing is, we're all the bunso in three families. all on the mother side. which is maybe why we got along 'almost' well. in our province, they're actually spoiled there and they get all the attention which is why they've become dependent on people around them. the moment they got here. they kept on asking why i keep on doing things on my own. like, how come i'm so brave and all that i get to go to places without having anyone's company. so we had a little pep talk. and thank god they listened and i waited for a while for my little 'pep talk' to sink in. good thing it did. so here, they learned to be independent. i took them to different malls and at first, they didn't want to be left alone. they kept on friggin whining at me and telling me to not leave them. then after a few more trips outside, they finally had the courage to be by themselves and they learned to talk to people without getting uber shy. anyhooo.. babble like crazy.
on their last day, the camwhore in us got together. this happened after taking a bath.

baby anne. my babs. she's 8. weighs the same as mine. doesn't like speaking in tagalog. BIG tummy. future fashionista.

Valerie. kapwa tiki. yatot galore. super thin. doesn't like eating. shy. incoming HS.
still won't grow up.

we were enjoying ourselves. so why not make face? :p we all got the same spongebob shirt that i'm wearing.

and finally.....

she was sleeping when we took the other three pics. this was when she woke up. pinagtripan na doggy. cute noh? :p she's sleeping beside me right now....

aherm..... malapit na pasukan. la pa ko uniform at shoes. haha. kkatamad eh..... di pa ko tumatawag sa uplb...

yes, i do talk to him everyday. still....

might be celebrating my 18th birthday there...
i don't know what to think anymore..