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You might be a big fish
In a little pond
Doesn't mean you've won
'Cause along may come
A bigger one
And you'll be lost

Coldplay - Lost


layout: lyricaltragedy
inspiration: outgone

your exits
7:00 PM | Friday, June 03, 2005
Ever After
Bonnie Bailey

Three years ago, my journey began
Chasing down this cure, no plan in hand
Just your pulse, my racing guide in the dark
Just knowing with conviction from the start

The moment your eyes made an introduction
I felt my second violent breath of life
Flawless to the point of being godly
Yet I fell hard for your imperfections

And now we’re slightly weathered, we’re slightly worn
Our hands gripped together, eye to eye through the storm yet
I still believe in ever after with you
'Coz life is a pleasure with you by my side
And there ain’t no current in this river we can’t ride
I still believe in ever after with you

Nothing compares to the good times
Feels like we’re floating when the rest have to climb
You made me believe in love and not the perfect kind
A real messy beautiful twisted sunshine
Emotions are volcanic eruptions
We both still care so we’re still alive
Tunnel vision, determination
I want you, I want to make it right

You are my twisted sunshine...

haha. we've known each other since grade 5. right? the only difference between us and other 'friends' is that, we only see each other once a year... now, look where it got us. but i sure am happy. happier than before. thank you for everything. sa kacornihan ng full house at jokes mo.. pati narin sa 'singing talent' mo. :p Patrick star ko ha.. wag kalimutan! :D