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You might be a big fish
In a little pond
Doesn't mean you've won
'Cause along may come
A bigger one
And you'll be lost

Coldplay - Lost


layout: lyricaltragedy
inspiration: outgone

your exits
2:00 PM | Monday, August 29, 2005

1. pick 1 of ur scars out now.. how did u get it?
:: the one on my lower back. had it since i was a kid. after all the needles.

2. What's on the walls of ur room?
:: wallpaper

3. Would u rather play or watch football?

4. What sport would u say you're good at?
:: swimming? anything that doesn't involve balls (parang mali un ah. :p)

5. What was ur worst nightmare?
:: being left alone when at that exact moment, all you wanted in the world was to have someone beside you.

6. Apples or oranges?
:: Apples

7. Grapes or watermelon?
:: watermelon

8. wolves or tigers?
:: Tigerrrss

9. What sort of music do u listen to?
:: punk rock, alternative rock, ska, some emo

10.have u ever written poetry?
:: a whole notebook of it. haha. and its secretly hidden.

11. Do u remember birthdays?
:: ah. sometimes

12. do u know what time u wer born?
:: yea. 4.34 am

13. Do u have a birth mark? where?
:: nah. but the scar i had is like one.

14. Are you a sweet person?
:: ask the people around me

15. What were u doing b4 u started filling this in?
:: studying.

16. What is ur favourite gum?
:: bubble jug. that was before i had braces. now i can't eat them.

7. Fav chocolate?

18. Fav candy (non chocolate)?
:: starbucks cherry lollipops

19. Chocolate or vanilla ice-cream?
:: Vanilla

20. What is d first thing u notice bout sum1 (opposite sex).?
:: eyes. i need to be able to look at them.

21. What's ur fav smell?
:: clinique happy for men

22. Fave sound that u hear often?
:: right now, jologs songs of honeybunch. haha

23. What r u thinkin about right now?
:: bacteria, fungie, eukaryotic cells, virus, mitosis, cell transport

24. What is ur fav disney movie of all time?
:: Beauty & the Beast

25. What color r ur eyes?
:: dark brown. (glossy daw sbi ng kapatid ko.)

26. Have u ever slept with a stuffed animal?
:: yea.

27. What's the name of the stuffed anmal?
:: popo

28. Who was ur first crush wen u were little?
:: i was always one of the boys.. grrr.... girl akoh! fwedeh!

29. What kind of hair do u like on the opp sex?
:: semikal. or clean cut.

30. Who out of ur friends (same sex) have u known the longest?
:: hmm...

31. Sunrise or sunset?
:: sunset (bora!)

32. Where can u see urself proposing to?
:: when that happens, it should be right.

32. Where can u see urself proposing to?
:: ima girl

33. Movies?
:: everything. (along came polly daw)

34. Where can u c urself goin for ur honeymoon?
:: St. Bart's or any of the best private beaches in the world!

35. Can u play an instrument?
:: Yes. tho i'm a frustrated percussionist.