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You might be a big fish
In a little pond
Doesn't mean you've won
'Cause along may come
A bigger one
And you'll be lost

Coldplay - Lost


layout: lyricaltragedy
inspiration: outgone

your exits
1:48 PM | Sunday, September 11, 2005
superficially Bored

according to Ernest Hemingway, "Love is a Dunghill." be as it may, i'd have to agree with him. i've known a lot of people who have actually fallen head over heels for someone and eventually get themselves hurt in the end. i mean, what's the use of ever finding love and dreaming day and night of the day when your prince charming would just swoop you out of your 'damsel in distress' moment and kiss all the misery away. (or in the guy's case, vice versa--but don't even think that us girls would be the ones to swoop you out of your manly regressions.) so here goes, i'm not here to harangue anyone who is currently/want's to be/will be/used to be in L-O-V-E. this is a simple ranting of my mind that i really want to get out. ala Carrie Bradshaw.
I've had this feeling that's been nagging me for a long time about the evolution of how man thinks--socially. Darwinism may ensue but please, i beg of you, mind the judgement please. as one sided as it may seem, keep your minds open becasue mine is about to close. don't hate me. anyhoo, just wanna clear that out. okay. We all started of as simple, basic human beings (or maybe, neaderthals with a couple of indecent regression with progression. kidding.) with the need of the what's its of basic provisions in life and they (or we) didn't even care to ask for what we already have so long as we have the each other in a sense of communication and being socially active with our kapwa less than average in mind neanderthals. so as the time passes and all the bad-ass smarty pants come into full view, we become inquisitive and pry our way out of this sudden outburst of curiosity. being the stubborn only man in the island now, we become people having a certain level of antisocialism (darwinism. :p) just to pursue finding out the scientific whatsits in our mind that then numbly keeps us from being socially active and gets us to be a mind biting obdurate which keeps his world to himself and locks away the possibility of ever having to find that one simple life (maybe even share it with a special someone. ugh.) a man really needs for his little science and curiosity hoe-down to stop. (*breath*) now on the other side of the academically proficient, here we now have another evolution of man in the teenager sense of life. the beer-guzzling, parent numbing, brain desolate kids or teenagers or whatever. so long as you've been a an ass to your parents, thats you. anyway, i don't care about that part. these people really has a clue on the know-hows of being a socially active person. sadly, some of these guys are academically challenged. but hey, look on the bright side, they know the meaning of the real life and still defies the laws of nature with their haphazard spontaneity. at least they know how to have fun...

okaaay... i'm losing my point and the 'supposed to be' topic of this whole ranting. (there's a whole lot of idiotic theories coming up so brace yourselves.)

okay so, i know that many of you think that i'm ranting relentlessly and undoubtedly my rants, to you, are meaningless. hell i don't care.

okaaay, back to studio.

here's my sure topic, the society's perception of finding that one true happy ending in their life and sharing that life with the person that youre dreams have been foreshadowing about. which, in my side is a total crap and a dunghill to Hemingway. I may not be of legal age right now to be married or to be thinking of settling down and have dozens of babies in waiting, but i have this totally incessant tiff in my mind that's been telling me to be logical and start being a full-time bachelorette first and be serious with life. yeah, so i'm still in College and has a lot ahead of me--which is why i don't just drastically change my lifestyle for a single person that other people would think you'd go gaga about. In the logical side of the world, i get someone who would impertinently subdue the fact that i'm still young because of the abysmal baby talk and the times of ever having the thoughts of growing up, settling down, and have a 'gloriously wonderful' life. ugh. as if what's already happening is not abhorrently slacking my brain to function. anyway, the point is, all the love in the world may get to you or to me or for anyone for that matter but still, you have got a whole life ahead of you to not start thinking of the settling down thing. its a whole rollercoaster ride from here where i'm standing (or sitting. :p). it might go totally downhill if i use my heart to think--which i know would never ever happen.

so anyway, after a row of meaningless ranting, (i know, i know, no point whatsoever) here's the thing. all of you guys who still has a long, meaningful life ahead of you, please, think logically and don't let the love get in to you. face the real world and don't wait for your prince charming or a DOM to sweep you off your feet and even think he'd give you all the riches in the world. no way. you gotta move on with what you have and you never know, maybe the whole logic thing might work and that someone in your dreams might be real. at least your work has been payed off.