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You might be a big fish
In a little pond
Doesn't mean you've won
'Cause along may come
A bigger one
And you'll be lost

Coldplay - Lost


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inspiration: outgone

your exits
8:11 PM | Monday, October 17, 2005
panaginip, nakakabaliw
nakikita nga, hindi naman natatanaw
talaga namang hangaang doon nalang
ang pag-ibig na sana'y alay sa'yo
talaga namang hindi na matutulog.

thanks paola, for the song
thanks paolo, for the lyrics

it's the real start of the sembreak and i have NOTHING to do. absolutely nothing. gah.
give me somethin to do, please. i'm super bored. and i'ma be back at the dentist tomorrow mornin again.

a little recap of my break. bits of it.

thursday afternoon : yes, watched two movies.

friday : went to schol to fetch my blockmates. they stayed here and drank some (well, a lot) booze. we all had freakish fun. unexplainable. aand, i can't tell you guys all the details coz what goes in the house, stays IN the house. :p

saturday: we all woke up uber dizzy at around 6.30. marc & i played nba. the others continued to sleep. then we ate breakfast, all groggy. theeen.. we all slept again, pero sa living room na. couch and carpet. haha. up til lunch time. then they all went home at around 3pm. marc had to go coz he has a flight at 10pm and hasn't packed anything yet. galing. then i slept the rest of the day.

sunday : went to the dentist. that was the only time that the alcohol came to me. i had migraine. so my sister and i went to starbucks and i drowned myself with caffeine. then went to meat shop at katipunan and drank rhb. then off to eastwood to meet up with the family. ate at aveneto, then starbucks again. oh, i rode both rides in eastwood! haha. i had to coz of my little cousin. anyhoo.. i looked silly, yes. and i have pictures to make the embrassment grow. :p

monday (today) : went to slimmers world early in the morning. then off to the mall and played house of the dead 3. lovin the shotgun. it was a workout for me. then went home. slept. Au called and woke me up. he was feeling giddy. hehe. ask him why. (and yes, i'm very happy for you) then i've been watching tv since. my eyes hurt. i've never watched this much tv in months.

ok... that was the start of my break. i'm going to the dentist again tomorrow mornin. then maybe a little reading time at starbucks. i'm trying to plan all my 'escapades' in advance so they wouldn't get messed up. wed, maybe go out with paola. thursday, clean my room and swim. friday, kath's house. booze party again. whatta. on the 25th, school. 26, don't know if that'll happen. 29, school. nov 3-5 palawan! yay! 7, back to school. ho hum....

sassy girl--tuloy ba toh? prang malabo


looking forward to the late night talks.

i'm off to drown myself with friendster surveys again. hahaha