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You might be a big fish
In a little pond
Doesn't mean you've won
'Cause along may come
A bigger one
And you'll be lost

Coldplay - Lost


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inspiration: outgone

your exits
1:17 AM | Sunday, December 25, 2005
Friendster horoscope on a christmas morning.

If life were a reality TV show, you'd be the one who was most excited about the final revealing scene, the one with the surprise twist and the unveiling of the cause of all the build-up. Today is just like that, except without the creepy cosmetic surgery or weird hosts. The sweet little secrets you've cooked up recently are finally revealed, and (surprise!) everyone loves them. And (bonus!) someone's got a special thing or two to surprise you, too.
if you really know me, you'd know that i'm not into surprises that much. but i do like them. i just don't know how to react to a surprise coz i dont want the person who made the effort see my reaction. my face, especially my eyes are great give aways and can pretty much sum up what i'm feeling. that's the hard part of being straightforward. again, i do love surprises. it's the effort of the person that bothers me. yes, i would feel loved and special and everything, i just dont know how to react. but hey, life's full of surprises. so help me start a new year by getting used to those kind of things. surprises! oh but i do like to be surprised once in a while. that makes life sweeter. at least the more surprises i get, the more i'd get used to the idea. anyhoot.

grammar sucks. whatta christmas morning.

oh, i made chocolate pudding! haha. soft centered ones so they're really yummy. and i put cream on top yummier! we had the usual noche buena but now, minus the opening of gifts coz we're actually too old to have em. anyhoot. most of the gifts from the tree are from friend companies. one company gave us chinese coffee! woop! and gift baskets of course. i baked dozens of cookies and don't even know what for. i've had too much sweets already.

i'm going jogging tomorrow. somebody save me. ho hum..

the new tv is here. it's soo big, i'm starting to wonder how big sadako will be if she comes out. hehe. it's just beside me so it's creepier when i'm stayin up late. i might see figures. woo....

sandali lang ha,,,, sigurado ba kayong pasko na?? hindi ko pa ramdam!! parang may kulang!! ang problema, hindi ko alam kung ano. ano nga ba?? naman eh..

sana maski new year maramdaman ko na "new" na ito. (magbago ka na kasi lo0lo0) hindi naman ako ganito dati ah. parang nagyon, mas naging 'dependent' ako. hindi na ako katulad ng dati na mang-aaway kapag pinakealaman. parang ngayon, kelangan mayroong pangalawang opinyon. baka kasi siguro, minsan nalang ako mapag-isa. ang problema naman, kapag mag-isa lang ako, naghahanap na ako ng kasama o ng kausap.... so ano solusyon sa problema ko?? sandali, ang tanong eh.. Mei problema nga ba talaga ako?? o ginagawa ko lang complikado buhay ko dahil ito na ang nakasanayan ko? woeh. ewan. paskong-pasko e ginugulo ang utak ko. nagtagalog pa tuloy ako. haha. pweh

tulog na.. mahal ko...

yess malamig ang kama! ngayon masarap matulog!

gusto ko magtelebabad. seryoso.