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You might be a big fish
In a little pond
Doesn't mean you've won
'Cause along may come
A bigger one
And you'll be lost

Coldplay - Lost


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your exits
11:14 PM | Saturday, April 22, 2006
RANDOM Thoughts

its a saturday night and i am, again, too lazy to go out with my friends. i'm not avoiding them. i just seem to have a problem with myself.

just this friday, my wallet got stolen. along with my school id, drivers license, and a whole lot more (plus my Disneyland ticket!!). i was shocked for at least 8 seconds. (good thing my phone was still there) i called my mom. told her what happened. said i needed some money and i'll be waiting at the station. my good siblings came. (insert lowly whoopee here). i was late for my test. i screwed up during the practical test. sims2 won't install properly. and the only thing that made me feel even a tinge of happiness was the Grey's Anatomy cds. i watch them like mad. i got so pissed off when people were too noisy or if they interrupted me in the middle of an episode. basically, i was a walking volcano. i'd erupt at any moment. but you'd still know i'm on the verge of releasing my molten lava of frustration. what a day. anyway, thanks au.. learning swing the easy way made my day. plus seeing my room full of glow-in-the-dark stars made me feel better. It made me think that even if you seem to take all the wrong turns in life, in the end, there's always the right fork which would eventually lead you to the finish line. and the prize is always worth all trouble.

april22 - eastwood with my family and tita. after 3 glasses of weng weng with all of different sizes as we barhopped to 3 restos, i'm surprised im not getting sleepy at this hour. i cant sleep. i keep on thinking about a lot of things. just a few minutes ago, i made someone a testimonial. a RARE thing for me. (and no, i'm not drunk) a lot has changed. i changed.

newsflash : i 'm having a change of wardrobe. more girly. less spunky. but still sporty.

no beach for me this summer. i already asked my parents three times and they still said no. i'm sorry guys, its a hopeless case.

new hobbies : playing pusoy and sims2. i RARELY leave the house. it would take lots of willpower (and musclepower) for that to happen.

i lost 2 pounds after dancing nonstop for a week. back to 100lbs. now i have to eat twice as much as before. whice would mean thrice as much as my mother does. i want to, need to, gain weight.

so, what else has been happening in my life?
answer : nothing.

i think a lot. i read a lot. i dont watch that much tv. and my thoughts are all jumbled up.
everytime i think of something good to write, the idea just flies away like my aspirations in life. go and fly! and make me even more miserable....

this lack of soical interaction is making me think--more.

(wth? LACK? i see some of my friends 5 times a week and im still not contented with that)

i guess i'll never be contented until i get what i want.

(count the "I's" and calulate my selfishnes percentage. you get a free cookie for that. i baked dozens. oh and i made leche flan too. hopefully i'll get to make a triple chocolate cake tomorrow)

this is toooooo RANDOM.