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You might be a big fish
In a little pond
Doesn't mean you've won
'Cause along may come
A bigger one
And you'll be lost

Coldplay - Lost


layout: lyricaltragedy
inspiration: outgone

your exits
8:39 PM | Thursday, June 01, 2006
finally. internet is back but the pc is acting all weird. graarr.

its june. i promised my self to make the last two weeks of my summer a productive one. enrollment on the 5th. i move in on the 12th. classes start on the 15th. sempre yan lng yung basics. marami pa kelangan gawin like finishing all the papers which i've continuously procrastinated on, plus getting a new drivers license and cleaning my room--again. i dont get to spend that much time in my room anymore. that's okay, the ghost living in my room can have the time of her dead life there.
i haven't seen my brother for two days yet we sleep under the same roof. i wonder what he's doin right

as usual naiiwan ako lagi dito sa bahay. all alooooone. (with the maids of course) My parents are always out. si ate ewan kung saan pumupunta. si dudi nasa apartment minsan. and my brother has school. that leaves me with sushi poo. but hey, i'm not complaining. my parents gave me everything i could possibly need so i'm not exactly bored nor do i feel alone. i learn to be creative and i find ways to keep myself busy. (put hint of imagination here) uy bastos nanaman. tsk.

pumunta kami ni dudi sa Mall of Asia kanina. quite disappointing actually. (partner, kaya in 1 hour ikutin! no sprint needed! :p) soobrang dami tao but i was too busy looking at the architectural design than at the faces of the people. i like the spot facing the sea even though mejo foul ang amoy minsan. anyhoot. i'd rather go to megamall to shop than MOA. same stuff. bigger place (seriously, 4 floors of uber goodness). and mas malapit ang mega! MOA is all random and faaaaaaar from here. but i wouldn't mind going back there. woeh labo. pero contented na ko kahit konti kasi i got to buy a new pair of bronze sandals sa VNC! yippee! tsss....

meron ako nadiscover.

We've got the Rain on Our Side
---The Scene Aesthetic

Keep me, here up on top of the mountains.
far away from all distress, far away from all distress.
save me, free me from all these distractions.
violence filled interactions. save me,
but keep me awake.

I can't seem to find a place to fit into without all these lies. I can't even argue and to tell you the truth
now that I've wondered throughout all these cities, through bright white street lights even thought they're so pretty,
I just can't believe you.

(and when i'm alone, please just pick up the phone)
you'll feel better once you come back home
we'll say just forget about all of the things you can't save.
(take a ride out of town)
find some place you can call your own, find yourself a new home.
(cause i'm wondering now and how i'll get by)
where you're never alone.
(just keep wishing that something would change in my life)
go ahead, run away.
try to find myself and take a chance.

cause the roads that we take can confine us or set us free.
make your path, don't you break. Just need to get away.
and you've been so tied up with your life take a break from it.
or you won't last.


i'll give you my trust, please don't break it.

hiding from all the things, i can't help but be scared.
leaving now starting fresh, hoping i come prepared.
say the words and i'll try, finding faith in their lies.
don't give up to my word, come on just let me know.
trying hard to be brave, but you just run away.
some things just never change, don't you dare be afraid.
pack your things, leave this town, reminisce for awhile.
but we'll never go home.



i'll give you my trust, please don't ever break it


and the song is good to. everything from The Scene Aesthetic is good.