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You might be a big fish
In a little pond
Doesn't mean you've won
'Cause along may come
A bigger one
And you'll be lost

Coldplay - Lost


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inspiration: outgone

your exits
11:15 PM | Friday, October 13, 2006
(in my calendar, it starts tomorrow).

so before i end this night. the last hell night for the sem. i'm going to answer a survey! (damn) social life is seriously going down. anyway.

tomorrow is the start of "the" sembreak and i'll be changing my layout first thing in the morning. a fresh start for new perspectives. i'll be making more sense in my future entries because i'd be thinking more about other things, and thinking less on, well, some other things.

so here goes.

a sem ender survey(w/c i got from trusty friendster btw.)

This quiz has 85 questions.

All questions should be answered as honestly as possible.

1. Start Time: 11:18 pm
2. Name: Luanne
3. Nickname: Lu, Lulu, Luwi
4. If u were a skittles what color would you be?: Red
5. Chinese Zodiac.: Rabbit
6. Zodiac sign: Scorpio
7. Hair color: dark brown
8. Eye color: dark brown to different shades of brown & hazel
9. Height: 5'5
10. Favorite Color: Red, blue, green, white
11. glasses: 50-70? dunno
12. Braces: no more
13. Piercing/tattoos: 2 on the left, 3 on the right
15. Area code: 1900

******HAVE YOU EVER******

17. Cut your own hair?: Yes
18. Did you do something in the past month that you regret? YES
20. Hugged someone who isn't ur gf/bf? Yes
21. Skipped school?: No. (skipped class :p)
22. Bungee jumped?: No
24. Dumped someone? yes?
25. Been arrested?: No
26. TP'd someone's house?: no
27. Won something?: Yes
31. Been to a funeral?: Yes
32. Used a lighter? Yes
33. Been on stage? Yes


34. Season: hot and very hot season
35. Food: spicy, sweet
36. Ice cream flavor: Vanilla & Strawberry (anything with berries!)
37. School subject(s): Zoolab
38. Person?: people that make me happy
--at nawala ang 39 and 40--
41. Book(s): Doctors
42. Movie(s): A lot
44. Park?: colayco! hahaha
46. Place: Beach
47. Sport to watch: Basketball
49. Bands/musicians: any alternative band
50. Letter(s): E, L, M, P, V
52. Cartoon Character(s): Superman; Marvin the Martian
53. TV Station(s): etc. axn. hbo. starmovies, mtv
54. Name for a son: haven't thought of it yet
55. Name for a daughter: Alexis Jade

******DO YOU PREFER******

56. Chocolate or Vanilla?: Vanilla
58. Long relationships or one night stands?: Long relationships
59. Dogs or cats? Dogs
60. Scary movies or comedies? comedies. or any will do
61. Short hair or long: Long
62. Croutons or bacon bits?: Bacon bits
63. Kissing or hugging: Hugs=) kisses to follow


64. Mexicans: bull fights
65. School: sembreak!
66. Grass: is green
67. Cow: got milk?
68. Canada: reddish
69. Mouse: cheese
70. Hands: Touch


71. Watched a movie?: no
72. Talked on the phone?: yes
73. Cried?: yes
74. Threw up?: No
75. Drank a glass of water?: yes
76. Done Drugs?: No
77. Read a book or magazine?: Yes
78. Watched TV?: no
79. Looked in the mirror? Yes
80. Taken a shower?: Yes
81. Taken a picture?: yes
82. Listened to music?: Yes
83. Kissed someone?: Yes
84. Told someone you love him/her?: Yes
85. Finish Time: 11:30pm


goodbye old layout.