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You might be a big fish
In a little pond
Doesn't mean you've won
'Cause along may come
A bigger one
And you'll be lost

Coldplay - Lost


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your exits
2:29 PM | Saturday, May 26, 2007
nope. no more steady time. i'm happy. that's it. and it helps if you open your heart to more people.

lalo na kapag meron classes. and sarap sumayaw. parang it brings me to a happy place. (uy, adik) in the zone! tama ang Allstars. "sarap lang". idol ko sila kasi they've been through a lot pero they didn't let the hardships stop them. it was like, they were really meant to win the competition and all the hard part was just a test for them. at shempre, God was with them all the way. imagine going to Italy and US and not having a place to stay.. pero with the kindness of the filipino community there, someone 'adopted' them. they welcomed the group in their home and fed them. God is reaaaallly good.

surprisingly, they were in the poster for the 5th world championships!

sarap lang talaga. and i'm thanking God kasi he's always blessing me with another morning to wake up and know that i'll be dancing again in a few hours with my friends and my new found friends. every step and every move i make, it's for God. masaya kami lahat. sayang lang kasi sa rehearsals na kami nagbonding. pero a day of bonding was enough to say na sulit ang lahat. ang pagod, pasa, pera, practice.

while waiting for the rehearsals to start, i got to talk to my other classmates. nakakatawa makipag chismisan dahil lang sa isang picture. (who would've known that was Phil in the pic? eh si Sir Niko nga di ko mashado napansin andun pala eh!) so we got to talk. and laugh and laugh and laugh.
start ng rehearsals. too bad i wasn't able to take pictures or videos (andyan naman si nix :p). but i made sure that every second had a still frame in my mind. that was when everyone really started talking. lumabas talaga kakulitan nila. even the bboys were starting to loosen up. at shempre, kami rin girls. konti lang hiphop that time and too bad partner Phil wasn't there too kaya i had to do a solo hanggang sa ramp and pretend to be dancing with him. freestyle naman kaya 'sarap lang'.

we ended at around 4 and didn't know what to do next since we were so used to going home late at night. so our 'teachers' invited us to the the studio at Gonzaga. we said sure! tira tira lang lang daw. meaning, breakdance. so we went there, watched them for a while and thought we couldn't do those moves YET and as beginners, its gona be hard to practice with the floor serving as your cushion when you fall. injury alert yun. so jazz was kind enough to show us the cushions! as in parang sa kama. amoy bago pa yung isa. we did a couple of turns and taught ourselves how to do the other freezes. jazz showed us some stuff too. then chika with sir niko. (oops! wrong move) then.. 6pm. time to go.
again, bored. tambay sa mcdo and biogy's friend, dae, was there too. so we ate and talked til dumating si daddy abiog. (special thanks to Shrek for providing us with a bit of activity)

okay i just typed everything here. :p again, so i'll remember.

the classes are really helping. also with my body! tumangkad ako.. my biceps.. damn. and it's pretty obvious i think. it also helped with discipline coz i jog every morning, every other day.


and of course dancing is not the only reason. but it mostly is.


a nice way to end this long!

the chismis pic.
nix. lu. nina. gil.
but it's those at the back that started it all. sir niko and phil

bboys and bgirls with master kyxz.

with Sir Niko

"You know you're dancing when tears of pain and happiness blend in with your sweat"